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We’re focussed on maximising customer engagement and enhancing the customer experience. Our omni-channel solution is a holistic customer journey optimisation platform through which, we’re able to seamlessly integrate customer engagement across both digital and traditional touchpoints.

Knowing your customer is key
digital is the way

Core to our engagement strategy is the application of the ‘right customer, right action, right channel, right time’ model. This is made possible through our powerful machine learning tool and advanced analytics capabilities. Together, these enable us to identify customer channel preferences.


As we continue to lead the way in technological innovation, Recoveriescorp aims to be the first choice for our clients and customers. In the technology space, we enable this by providing:

  • Greater connectivity

  • An enhanced customer experience through increased availability of contact channels and optimised use of channel preferences.

Customer is key_teal.png
Digital Engagement

Powerful Technology Platforms

What sets recoveriescorp apart from our competitors is our flexible system ‘Recoveriescorp Customer Platform’, delivering scalability and complex capabilities. Our in-house teams enable us to rapidly respond to unique client or business requirements.

Recoveriescorp Customer Portal

We provide our customers with a versatile self-service platform that empowers them to:

  • Manage their accounts and arrears 24/7

  • Check their account balance

  • Pay online and obtain an electronic receipt

  • Negotiate a payment arrangement

  • View and accept available settlement offers

  • View correspondence and payment history

  • Schedule payment reminders

  • Make an enquiry

  • Request a call back


This facilitates account resolution while creating a convenient and accessible payment tool for customers.

Our Customer Portal

Keeping our Data safe

Recoveriescorp is committed to the confidentiality of all client and customer information. We’ve put in place extensive security measures into our data management system. These measures are tested annually by an independent external auditor to maximise data security for both our clients and customers. All our security measures are compliant to our ISO 27001 certification and Information Security Risk Management Framework, which has been built around the ISO 31000 Standards. 

Keeping data safe_teal.png

Customer Portal Security

We’re committed to providing the utmost protection of our client and customer data. That’s why we’ve implemented robust security measures and protocols for our Customer Portal. Actions we’ve taken include but is not limited to:

  • Monthly vulnerability scans and annual penetration tests (PCIDSS Standards);

  • Using firewall protection, advanced heuristic endpoint security and virtual patching for defence against attack vendors

  • Configuring our Customer Portal to only accept secure encrypted connections

  • Ensuring our Customer Portal does not store credit card details

  • Keeping our Customer Portal AES256 encrypted and PCI DSS compliant.


Security for your benefit

Compliant with Debt Collection Guideline

Compliant with Australian Legislation

PDI DSS and SES 256 Compliant_t.png

SES256 Compliant

In-house developer_t.png

Developed and Supported

Compliant with Banking Code of Practice_

Compliant with the Banking Code of Practice

Link expiry to ensure accuracy and secur

Link Expiry to Ensure Accuracy and Security

POI Verification_t.png


Netcode Verification_t.png
Auto-Generated 9 Digit Reference Number_

Auto-Generated 9 Digit Reference Number Verification

Portal Security_t.png

Measures to Ensure Portal Security

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