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At Recoveriescorp, we partner closely with consumer and commercial clients across banking and finance, utilities, telecommunication, government, and insurance sectors.  Through the strength of our experience and partnerships, we’re uniquely positioned to provide an end-to-end recovery solution that enables a tailored approach and delivers superior outcomes for our clients. Clients have the flexibility to engage us as a strategic partner in either a first or third-party capacity, as best suits their requirements.

Spanning the entire credit lifecycle, the scope of our end-to-end recovery solution includes the following services:


Insurance Claims Recovery







Receivables Management

Our receivables management solutions focus on customer resolution through education, engagement and the collection of overdue accounts. This is aligned to our mission to ‘help our communities build a financially sustainable future’

Receivables Management

Insurance Claims Recovery

By outsourcing claims recovery, our clients can benchmark results, reduce indirect costs and maximise net returns through our specialised teams.

Insurance Claims Recovery

Insource Solutions

We can either work on our client’s systems at the client’s premises, under a work from home model, or at our premise. Our insourcing service is a flexible, cost-effective, first-party offering that provides clients with a skilled, dedicated and professionally managed workforce. We can scale this workforce up and down at speed without any fixed cost commitment.

Insource Management

Hardship Management

This stand-alone service is designed to assist our clients to engage and work with customers who are experiencing financial difficulty. We can deliver end-to-end management of our client’s advocacy portfolios through either a first or third party solution.

Hardship Mangement

Overflow Management

We can support clients with their overflow requirements by providing first-party engagement in the early stages of the collection cycle. This service assists our client partners to reduce arrears earlier through a first or third party approach.

Overflow Mangement


Transaction Capital Finance Australia Pty Ltd is our dedicated PDL subsidiary.  They are
a trusted Australian credit licence holder and purchaser of non-performing credit that focus on ethical credit collection practices and continued brand protection for our client partners.

Debt Purchase

Legal Services

We offer clients the capability to pursue outstanding accounts or escalate matters through legal channels. We can do this through our incorporated legal practice, Mason Black Lawyers.

Legal Services
Business Meeting

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