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A leading provider of end-to-end receivables management services

Our team at recoveriescorp are proud to be an award-winning business, partnering with leading Australian organisations to deliver first-party credit services and third-party receivables management services for a wide range of clients across government, banking, transport, insurance, telco and utility sectors.

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Our success is underpinned by an industry-leading combination of people, systems and technology. Our team of over 850 people are based in offices across Australia (Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane), Fiji, New Zealand and South Africa.  We deliver our large-scale offerings with a focus on the customer, guided by the highest standards of governance and compliance.

The recoveriescorp Difference

At recoveriescorp, we’re renowned for bringing a refreshing and caring customer-centric approach to our work. Our mission is to ‘help our communities build a financially sustainable future’. We focus on education, prevention of reoccurring arrears, and reaching positive outcomes and resolutions for our customers.

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Brand Protection

We pride ourselves on delivering a customer experience that safeguards our client’s brand.

We do this through our focus on providing high quality and on-brand customer experience, value alignment, and through our expert


understanding of the legal and regulatory framework we work within.

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Brand Protection
Sustainable Financial Outcomes
Proprietary Platform
Continuous Improvement
Our People

At recoveriescorp, we believe that our

people are our most valuable asset.

We help our communities build a

financially sustainable future.

Our Services

Services we specialise in as part of our end-to-end recovery solution include:

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30 Years' of Industry Experience

With almost three decades of experience, we've established ourselves as the preferred partner of choice for receivables management solutions across Australia. 

Since we started in 1991, recoveriescorp has been a trusted leading provider of:

- First-Party Credit Collections - 

- Third-Party Receivables Management - 

- Claim Recovery Services -

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Banking & Finance


Managing claims recoveries has always been a key offering from recoveriescorp. Our depth of experience has enabled us to develop our unique claims recovery model which is used by Australia’s leading insurance companies. One of our advantages is our specialised insurance teams who efficiently manage each stage of the claims recovery lifecycle.


Customer Care

Recoveriescorp's industry-leading Customer Care team ensures your customers are engaged with the highest level of respect, professionalism and compliance.

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